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At iXi Media Group, we are focused solely on building talent and influencers with their own personalised brand. Whether its technology, interior design, health and beauty, fitness or lifestyle, we will ensure that nothing is out of reach. Whether you are a micro-influencer or macro-influencer, we will tailor your page, ensuring that you are advertised in all the right places. We work hand-in-hand with other influencers across various fields, networking and forming partnerships that will benefit both parties.

We believe that strong foundations are the backbone of any reputable thriving brand. Therefore, we ensure that we cover all angles from the beginning. We form a unique content strategy, centred on your personal social media page, through analysing data such as who your audience are, where they are, how they are watching and what they are looking at. We build a specific marketing plan around this to ensure that we are targeting the right people, to drive forward you and your social media outlets.

Tracking of data:

We understand the importance of being able to see results visually, therefore every factor that we analyse, we provide an easy-to-use dashboard and profile that will allow you to stay up to date with the latest trends and progress of your campaign. Through this, easy adjustments can be made in certain areas that you may feel need that little extra push. It also gives us the ability to assess the effect of the marketing campaign on the activity around your page.

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